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multimedia LLC

executive director

We are proud to announce that Isaac “Reef” Knox has been appointed the Executive Director position for, an Innovating Entertainment Technology Company trailblazing company with a strong combination of highly sought after services leading the industry into the future of the entertainment business.

Clients can choose from a direct virtual pitch / consult, to potential investor capital meetings with industry leading powerhouse Executives, moguls, & celebrities.

Cutting out non-reputable, often shady entertainment business characters with no resume or integrity.

Direct To Executive record label to television & film pitch meetings as well as services ranging from - Virtual consulting, Management, & executive / celebrity mentorship, providing legitimate opportunities for all age ranges and experience levels.

The fusion of Business, Technology, and Creativity is a recipe for a fortune 100 company in the near future with innovation necessary to achieve, maintain & elevate everyone in all facets of the entertainment business.

(Chief marketing officer)

Board Member

It is with great pride and passion Isaac "Reef" Knox has been appointed the Chief Marketing Officer and Board Member / Minority Share Holder. TheParagon.IO seeks a entertainment technology leader that has emphasis on creator & celebrity content profit sharing. TheParagon.IO allows for a fan to speak directly via video call with their favorite celebrity, athlete, or influencer for a prescheduled amount of time. Attend live private or book customized performances, events from their favorite entertainer / performer for a one of a kind virtual experience. TheParagon.IO empowers small to large businesses providing celebrity social proof by having a celebrity, athlete, influencer to deliver a customizable pre-recorded video and/or audio for a boost in sales or simply to add validity. With Isaac "Reef" Knox's unparalleled work ethic, TheParagon.IO will be the leader in digital entertainment communications.

With doing business with honor and integrity at the forefront of his career for almost 3 decades in the entertainment industry, he has been appointed the Chief Marketing Officer position at where Isaac sits proudly as the youngest board member amongst current chairman who hold equity and/or stock in digital communications group

PMMedia.IO & Power Move Multimedia CEO / Owner in some of the worlds largest media publications & global outlets!
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